Desktop and Friends

Whats been on my desk this week ..


            This is one of the first images i did for Zuerst in 2004.... it was initially a promo for a story that's been dissolved.
            I'm going to reuse it as an Esdraelon page. Im repurposing any art i can my hands on lately.

Also, I helped out on the issue of Superman that's released today.

I did these pages in my hometown a couple weeks after my mom's funeral and I can't overstate how nice it was to be able to answer the "what are you working on" question with something that people instantly understood. Which is something I've never been able to do before.

Hiroya Oku interview!

Wow, lookit this! A Hiroya Oku interview conducted by Chiaki Kuriyama!! Whats funny about this video.... and anyone who has read Gantz knows there's a character modeled after Chiaki....this interview, apparently, is the genesis of that character.

              Occasionally the subtitles flash across the screen incomprehensibly. This is whats being said:

              2:14 " I came across a lot of bizarre and cruel scenes in the beginning"
              3:18 " I thought the people who hadn't read the original"
              3:50 " So far I've watched volume 1 & 2"
              4:23 " Actually I felt a little sorry for him"
              5:30 " I think I like characters with a strong sense of justice"
              5:55 " I pretty much designed everyone else after just ordinary people"
              7:07 " so i was really puzzled when I started thinking about stuff like...."
              7:47 " that has to be just like Kill Bill"
            10:43 " so it'd be great if I could bring out a different side of me everytime i play a different character"
            11:55 " they're not for you?"
            12:33 " doing stuff like making characters move and adding sounds"
            12:49 " mind you, this is only my dream"

C2E2 Exclusive!


                      I'm happy to announce that Piggly Wiggly will be the exclusive grocery store of Zuerst Science Fiction Magazine!

In celebration of this announcement- an exclusive preview of Zuerst Science Fiction Magazine's supreme #1 superhero comic, New A-holes!

                                                                              two web exclusive crappy drawings!


                                                                             An Exclusive preview of issue #3-
Chronicling the last adventure of the pre-eminent superteam The Superlatives as they face death at the hands of their greatest foe-
                                                                                          Dr. Armageddon!



                             Don't miss this thrilling story- Planet Armageddon- in the pages of Zuerst Science Fiction Magazine.
                                        The invasion continues in issue 4 as the New A-holes join forces for the first time!

In passing...

I was about to make a post about the passing of my Mom, Virginia Ann, who died last week after a 2 year bout with cancer.(although we all believe she secretly was dealing with it longer than that)
Beforehand, I was looking through Lj and saw a post on Project Rooftop about Clemente Suave dying from cancer. Clemente was only a year older than me and its very disappointing hearing about his passing.

Backside Sketches

I'm going to post some sketches done on the backs of published pages.

this is on p15 of Doctor Spectrum #1, June 2004