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Around 2007(?) Steve Finch made me this nifty logo back when I was waffling on whether to abandon Zuerst Omnibus as the title for my book.


I put 2 and 2 together this weekend as I had wanted, for the past few years, to put together some kind of one-shot or limited series using that Untitled, uh, title while battle cruiser Zuerst is still getting bolted together. But I didn't have a story that was self contained and far enough removed from the kind of stuff I'm doing for Zuerst.
Equally as long, I had been interested in doing a 'Pinky Violence' style comic. So I'm thinking right now about doing a 40 page 1-shot, or a 2 issue mini-series. The title of the story is 'Rosh Violencia' which is kind of a play on words and also because I'm fighting the urge to name the main character Ricki Rosh.
Who am I kidding, her name is going to be Ricki Rosh.

Expect this sometime in 2012. Who will publish this? I have no idea. I've thought about pitching this to the new DHP. Stories like this are kind of the reason anthologies exist.


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