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i don't know why everyone is saying the cowboys and packers are going to the superbowl, there's no way in hell that's going to happen.

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an example of my cyclic redundancy

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Desktop 8/23/2006
23rd was yesterday, but I'll repost this anyway.

In hindsight it would have behooved me to have gotten a professional writer to do the scripting. Writing this book has been hell.
you can click on the image to see the final version.

This is a prelim for a promotional piece for the third act/chapter of the comicy book Im doing

The third act of my book centers around the moon being knocked out of its orbit and falling to earth. Afterwards the earth, without the moon to regulate its rotation, begins to rotate erratically.
I found out recently that there's actual scientific theory that delves into the idea of an earth with no moon, which basically states that the earth's axis will be rendered null and the resultant random spinning of the earth will turn some areas that were formally lush into frozen tundras and or deserts and vice versa and make the planet virtually unlivable.

When this happens it plunges the world into chaos. Mass starvation ensues... a global version of the Ukranian famine of 1931. And just like the Ukranian version there's mass cannabalism.
In this part of the story it follows a character introduced previously named Rebecca. She's in an area that is suffering from famine and to compound matters she has a newborn. At the onset of the chapter Rebecca,with her son, dies in a desolated area - from starvation or heat stroke or whatever. She and her child are there for days or weeks before someone stumbles upon them. The person who finds them is as worn down from starvation as Rebecca was. He takes her body and the baby back to his shanty, where he possibly has a family.
Rebecca is eaten by the family and they feed her to the baby with the intent of eating him later.

Desktop 8/24

Desktop 8/20/2007
a few fantastic four sketches from august and sept of 2007 for an ff project that never came together.

I remember I was planning on making Reed and Sue look like Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe.


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